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Waterborne epoxy flooring

Waterborne epoxy flooring

General applied floor coating, especially suitable for humid environment construction, such as underground parking, terrace on the first floor

pilot project units index pencil hardness h ≥ 1
Abrasion resistance (750g, 500r) g ≤ 0.02
concrete adhesion to concrete drying schedule h ≤ 2
/> hard work d all tests (excluding drying time) was cured after seven days (25 ℃)
★-friendly, beautiful and smooth and textured
★ Has excellent of anti-corrosion, and alkali, and resistance oily can
★ curing performance by humidity effect smaller, on wet surface excellent is good of bond strength
★ construction convenient
construction program-------------------------------------
end of coated end of coated roll coated a again
reference dosage 0.1-0.2 kg/square meters
in the way coated debugging amount quartz powder trowel scraping or added 1-2 times sand flat scraping
Reference dosage 1.0 kg/square meters. mm
surface coated water ring oxygen thin coated
surface coated roll brush 1-2 again
reference dosage 0.3 kg/square meters
water epoxy resin artesian flat ping
trowel knife scraping wipe, with gear tube elimination bubble
reference dosage 1.0 kg/square meters. mm
to ping thickness 0.3 mm-4 mm



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