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Epoxy floor coating

Epoxy floor coating

product overview:

self-leveling floor coating is made from high quality imported raw materials in the production of thick coating epoxy floor coatings, high coating thickness, smooth surface appearance, durable. Applies Yu on to ping coated loaded requirements high of places using
performance features:
no solvent senior epoxy resin added quality curing agent made:

surface smooth, beautiful, up mirror effect:
acid, and alkali, and salt, and oil class media corrosion, special resistance alkali performance good:
wear, and resistance pressure, and resistance impact, and has must elastic:
adapted range:
  requirements height clean, and beautiful, and no dust, and no bacteria of electronic, microelectronics industry , The implementation of GMP standards for pharmaceutical industry, the blood products industry, can also be used in schools, offices, homes and other floors.

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