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  how to prevent the problem of industrial floor paint color

we should all know, industrial floor coating in use for some time after the floor surface colors becoming darker, due to normal operation on industrial floor paint wear makes flooring surfaces dull, doesn't look good at all. In the construction of industrial floor coatings, industrial floor paint discoloration problem, of how these phenomena? How we can prevent the occurrence of such phenomena? Qingbang decoration Engineering Co for your commentary below floor paint discoloration problem.
1, in the design of coatings formulation should be careful not to use the paint react with resins or additives. Construction palette is strictly prohibited without the test, feel free to add two different types of paint used with mixed color. Some pigments in chemical change occurs, losing paint tinting strength, causing fade or discolor. Containing iron blue or blue-green paint, will fade away in storage, but after construction exposed to paint in the air will gradually return.
2, high acid value of the coating should not be packed. High acid value varnish readily react with iron drum, epoxy floor varnish less, become darker in color.
3, metallic paints and varnishes-packing. Metal powder pigment stored in the paint remains free of acid corrosion will be issued black green.
4, industrial floor paint raw materials should be and mix. By many years of experience of industrial floor paint, we know that complex of several pigments in paint density, heavy pigments in the store was sinking and light pigments gradually rising, industrial floor paint mixing process without the full use of, the construction and primary color does not match. Individual filling in
5, paint pigments to heat and light is not good, some less resin and weathering, light yellow, particularly in epoxy paint. This will have the choice of coating ratio of resins and pigments filling.

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