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Role of fillers in epoxy flooring

Epoxy resin to ping paint joined curing agent Hou has very strong of tough sex, is a typical of hot solid type resin, epoxy resin to ping has resistance corrosion, and resistance water, and shortened rate small, characteristics, which joined filler of rubber stick layer of role is resistance corrosion sex, and this coating can in at room temperature Xia coated enough Yu parts appearance, formed to Amendment anti-mill or reduction motorcycle for main purpose of new resistance corrosion coating. Factors affecting corrosion resistance of epoxy floor paint function? Is actually packing, packing maximum influence on erosion rates.
filler is an essential material for adhesives. Packing not only to reduce costs, many of the features can also improve the adhesives. Experiment, separation using fly ash and nano-Montmorillonite as a filler, the erosion experiments for comparison. Of course, between angle of attack and the erosion of speed change under display erosion trend is common, but Nano-Montmorillonite packing of erosive wear resistance of epoxy adhesive coating capabilities than take part in fly ash filler erosive wear resistance of epoxy adhesive coating capabilities. Participation of fly ash in epoxy resin, just simple mixing does not attack response. Fly ash particles can be solid base uniform stress distribution in the body, the strength of adhesive coating.

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