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Industrial floor coating adhesion effects on life

Industrial floor paint slightly construction value not only its effects, more attention is their service life, many people said the influence of adhesion on floor is great, then what will affect the life of industrial floor paint? General of we in to ping paint construction zhiqian, are to on original of cement pigment to for corresponding of processing, its purpose is will ground polished rough, to enhanced industrial to ping paint of adhesion, future in epoxy resin to ping Shang walking forklift, and cart, weights, hard makes to ping paint surface loose, and off, can multiplied of extended ring oxygen to ping paint of using life.
certified expert analysis, reinforced epoxy floor paint adhesion can be greatly extend the service life of the flooring. In order to increase the service life of epoxy floor paint, our flooring construction, must be to deal with the base, the base surface is polished, only rough ground can guarantee good adhesion with the industrial floor paint layers. After polishing, the surface and epoxy floor paint has a very good close bonding.

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