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Factory plant should choose what epoxy floor paint

&Nbsp;      paint is widely used in modern industrial buildings, but at the same time some inferior epoxy will not only affect the surface appearance, and life will be greatly shortened, so we should choose some quality paint coatings, so that we can guarantee its superior performance. So how can we select high quality epoxy floor paint?
industrial plants industrial floor paint for general use, this paint imported resins, pigments, additives, then add the solvent by grinding compounded. Industrial floor paint for metal surface treatment, resistance to acid, alkali, salt and other corrosive liquids and gases on the surface of erosion, play a role in shielding, and it has better anticorrosive decorative and ageing resistance. Industrial epoxy floor paint with good wear resistance, durability, impact resistance, weight, corrosion resistance, no dust, crack-resistant, easy to clean, resistant to temperature change, the economy, effects of beauty, good overall performance.
industrial ring oxygen to ping paint main applies Yu requirements weight anti-sliding of food factory, and parking, and goods warehouse type Mall, and chemical plant, and electronic factory, and hardware mold factory, and stamping factory, and hardware Abrasives factory, and stamping factory, and car factory, industrial plant, and warehouse, and heavy mechanical factory, and cable, and electrical factory, and logistics turnover warehouse, and stores, and Office District, and chemical storage district, need dust wear resistance weight of places, especially has vehicles walking of regional.
except in select good of to ping paint Shang effort zhiwai, also should in construction Shi note some details aspects of problem, specific following:
first, we to select professional of ring oxygen to ping paint construction company, saying "three points material, seven points construction", select professional of ring oxygen to ping construction personnel, this is important, construction personnel of technology related whole construction effect and engineering of using years. In for industrial anti-sliding wear ring oxygen to ping paint zhiqian, to by professionals to site for site survey, according to ground site situation, targeted design construction process, developed out accurate of wear to ping paint construction programme, and according to customer of needs to consider to ring oxygen to ping of using life;
Second, select most right of material: right of select, to can meet for industrial anti-sliding wear ring oxygen to ping paint engineering of using needs, to not waste for principles, for customer reduced cost, addition, Would also like to have a more detailed understanding of product performance, avoid mistakes or neglect brought unnecessary economic losses.
epoxy flooring expert analysis, industrial floor paint coatings can be used alone or with epoxy, acrylic, polyurethane, chlorinated rubber, fluorocarbon series, supporting the use of perchloroethylene. Needs of our customers, according to the site, and epoxy floor paint selection!

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