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Epoxy floor paint six major issues to consider when

Epoxy floor paint in paint category, which contains inflammable and explosive substances, so it is also very prone to danger, epoxy floor paint for construction and use in the process of paying special attention to fire safety, away from sources of ignition, put an end to the danger. Epoxy floor paint also has the volatile, construction should grasp the construction time. Construction Shi should note following six big points:
1, and ring oxygen to ping paint paint is ban in warehouse within deployment of, deployment of process in the to away from warehouse has must of distance, avoid appeared flammable toxic of gas volatile to warehouse internal, paint packaging barrels should strictly sealed, as has found leak drops, phenomenon words, need immediately proposed warehouse for for barrels or patch work.
2, ingredients as far as possible to maintain good ventilation, dry, cool, neat epoxy floor paint is best placed, two-component configuration.
3, preparation of epoxy floor paint coatings have special ingredients or outdoor construction, ingredients to avoid sources of ignition in the vicinity as far as possible are equipped with fire-fighting equipment.
4, epoxy floor paint cans when found to have sunk, agglomeration, crust, such as precipitation, gel, dry, should follow the relevant place for mixing paint and filtering.
5, with a good epoxy paint coating should also place the volatile.
6, epoxy floor paint should be outside the warehouse in open, banned because it is difficult to open with a metal instrument percussion.

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