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Epoxy floor paint can be used outdoors

&Nbsp;       experienced people know, epoxy floor paint with high levels of abrasion resistance and pressure resistance, table painted the resin Bisphenol a is produced by. More suitable for indoor flooring coating construction, such as: factories, workshops, warehouses, laboratories, parking and the like in some regions. If used outdoors, because of its exposure to sunlight, loss-prone under ultraviolet light, phenomena such as powder, so no paint.   But some people still ask whether the epoxy floor paint can be used for pitch, stadium and other outdoor sports facilities because of the epoxy floor paint outdoor weatherability is bad, if you really want to do what we recommend is a type of acrylic you selected will be better, relatively simple, good weather resistance and cheap cost. Acrylic paint is a single-component, silicone-acrylic, acrylic, styrene-acrylic. Wear resistance of epoxy floor paint and pressure resistance are not good, but strong weather resistance, suitable for outdoor use.
acrylic court floor coating performance characteristics 1, excellent weathering properties, can adapt to a variety of climates.
2, is a water-borne paints, toxic pollution, comply with environmental requirements.
3, wear-resistant anti-slip, bright colors and long service life.
4, easy, affordable, convenient repair and maintenance.
: tennis court, basketball court, volleyball courts and other sports facilities, pedestrian walkways, communities, playgrounds, and other types of floor coating.
construction process:
1, and according to to status do polished, and patch, and dust; 2, and used permeability and the adhesion special strong water primer roll coated a, enhanced surface adhesion; 3, and will pressure kelizhong coated joined amount of quartz sand, with trowel knife will grass-roots uniform coated cloth, enhanced ground of resistance pressure, and anti-impact performance and the check sliding effect; 4, and with acrylic surface paint roll coated ground, makes ground dust waterproof, wear resistance corrosion, and easy clean, completed Hou overall ground color uniform, no empty drum; 5, and According to the pitch standard dash. Paint service life of 5 years, different kinds of paint, because they use different raw materials and technology, the respective application is different. Thus, customers in the selection of paint materials, according to the materials and construction techniques to choose paint in order to achieve the desired floor decoration and its effects.

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