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Antistatic self-leveling paint related presentations

anti-static self-leveling in the hospital industry tend to be more widely used, the paint literally can see the benefits of it static. Anti-static self-leveling with other paint, not performance advantages, the construction process is also different from other paint.  Here to introduce knowledge of anti-static self-leveling. Ring oxygen anti-electrostatic artesian flat ping paint performance features: 1, and it used of is no solvent epoxy resin added quality curing agent collection business and into; 2, and surface smooth, beautiful, its to ping wear; 3, and resistance pressure, resistance impact, has must elastic; 4, and acid, alkali, salt, oil class corrosion, has is strong of acid alkali performance; 5, and not by time, humidity, temperature, conditions effect, antistatic performance excellent. Service life: 1.0mm 5 2.0mm 8 3.0mm for more than 10 years.

oxygen anti-electrostatic artesian flat ping paint construction process: 1, and waterproof processing: a floor ground needed has do anti-water treatment; 2, and pigment to processing: according to pigment to status do polished, and patch, and dust; 3 electrostatic Primer: used permeability and the adhesion special strong anti-electrostatic ring oxygen primer roll coated a, enhanced surface adhesion; 4, and copper foil laying: conductive copper foil used well type laying, effective excluded cumulative of electrostatic, and do grounding processing;  5 oxygen anti-electrostatic in the coated: anti-electrostatic will be epoxy resin joined amount of quartz sand, with trowel knife will its uniform coated cloth a to two; 6, and ring oxygen anti-electrostatic batch coated: anti-electrostatic batch soil according to actual need construction number road, requirements reached flat no holes, no batch knife printing and the sand mill printing for associate; 7, and ring oxygen anti-electrostatic artesian flat ping paint surface paint: anti-electrostatic artesian plane paint a, its volume surface resistance average coefficient 105-108 ohm, completed Hou overall ground light clean, color uniform no empty drum; 8, and construction completed Hou, 24 hours before they can master, 72 hour before weight. (25 degrees, low temperatures required to suitably extend the opening hours)


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